A lot of people have goals of becoming wealthy in their personal finances or through growth in their business. However, are you sure you’re paying attention the right things to measure your growth? Often times, people make a plan of what to save, how much they want to make, how to cut back spending, etc. but they don’t know how to track their progress against these goals. Ideally you would use a budget to actual analysis but if you don’t have that no worries…. below are 10 key number (5 personal savings, 5 business) that you should review monthly to ensure you’re on track and growing!
Personal Savings
If you are seriously trying to budget and save money, these are key numbers you should review each month:
1.       Income
2.       Expenses
3.       Variance in Expenses month over month
4.       Income vs. Expense
5.       Savings Total

Business Finances
Every business should have a balance sheet and income statement (also called Profit/Loss Statement). Here are 5 things to review from these 2 key financial reports:
Balance Sheet
1.       Equity
2.       Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
3.       Cash month over month
Income Statement
4.       Net Income
5.       Gross Margin

Even though your monthly review should not be limited to these 5 things, I think this is a really good start! If you don’t even know how to develop or access these numbers in your personal finances or in your business, click the button below to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION call!!
Someone presented me with the idea of creating a blog for my business. At first I thought it was an awful idea. Who in their right mind (besides me and my accounting friends) would want to read a blog about accounting?! But the more questions I received from friends, clients, and even random people about business startups, accounting, entrepreneurship, taxes, budgeting, etc. it dawned on me that there is in fact a need!

About me – My name is Pam Balentine and I am a CPA (certified public accountant) from Flint, MI, and I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I am the owner of Viking Financial Services where I provide individual and business tax, accounting, payroll, and consulting services in ALL states. I also partner with myEcon which is a company that provides people with a personal financial success system to help them minimize taxes, build business income, eliminate debt, and acquire assets. To learn more about the services offered, click here

In addition to operating my business I work full time as an Internal Auditor and Interim Plant Controller. I also volunteer and serve as the Student Member Services Director for the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) - Atlanta Chapter. I have over 10 years of accounting and auditing experience. The drive for starting my business is to take what I’ve learned and what I do for major corporations and bring the benefits, efficiency, and growth techniques to an individual and small business level. 

In my blog posts, I will provide tips, resources, motivation, and knowledge for the individual tax payer who wants to focus on saving and minimizing taxes and the business owner/entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and have the most efficient processes.

So stay tuned! If you have any questions or specific topics you would like me to cover in my blogs, contact me today!!