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A few years ago I was talking to a guy who HATES to wear his seatbelt. He is uncomfortable with it, never puts it on, and is willing to take a chance on his life if he gets into an accident. So needless to say, he also hates the “Click it or Ticket” law. His reasoning for not supporting that law was… ”How can you get fined for something that’s not hurting anyone? If I get in an accident only I will get hurt and I am okay with that risk!” Although I’m an avid seatbelt wearer, he made a valid point.

Well…the government has done it again.

President Obama changed the world of healthcare in the US by passing the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obama Care) in 2010. I won’t debate if that was a good or bad thing…but I will say something for sure – you BETTER get you some health insurance!

Whether it’s through your employer or not, the Obama Care program was implemented so everyone has health coverage year round. If you and members of your household do not comply, then you can be PENALIZED!

Yes, the choice to not have health insurance can cause you a tax fine. And these fines can be significant. (See picture below)

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The penalties have gone up significantly over the past 3 years. Isn't it worth saving money and your life to get health insurance? Open enrollment starts soon! Do yourself and your bank account a favor - GET HEALTH INSURANCE!
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11/09/2016 2:23am

No doubt, everybody look affordable care act policy to save their money and health but you are provide some best service of insurance that help everyone to move on success. It is good to choice health insurance package which is free of tax and also fine in every angles.

12/02/2016 8:11am

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01/12/2017 1:54am

Life insurance policy is considered as the prime solution to solve all your problems for an unprepared future. Choosing the right policy can put all your hard earned money as an investment that your loved ones can benefit in the later stages of your life.

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